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Emma Gruber

Chief of Staff

I’ve spent my career surrounded by visionary folks who see around corners and have the gumption and acumen to turn big ideas into tangible products and businesses. 

Prior to First Round, I spent several years working at the intersection of technology, real estate, and urbanization. During my time at Sidewalk Labs, I gained an intimate understanding of the process involved in incubating an idea, transforming it into a product, and scaling it into a revenue-generating business. It was motivating to see the impact that was delivered at the city-scale, and, ultimately, at the Google-scale when Sidewalk joined the Google team. Most recently, I was a member of the growth team at Ori, a robotic furniture company. I helped consumer and real estate developer audiences understand the vision of living in an expandable studio, which gave me an appreciation for how difficult, yet rewarding, it is to challenge the status quo.

In my role as Chief of Staff, I work alongside First Round Partner Liz Wessel to evaluate new opportunities to back builders, perform diligence on potential investments, and support founders in the First Round community. I love getting a glimpse into the future being built by the outstanding founders we are meeting today, and feel endlessly inspired by their ability to tackle challenges with a big vision.

I am a Texas native, but spent the last decade on the East Coast, attending Duke University and growing my career in New York. I am excited to call San Francisco my new home and look forward to exploring the city on foot via hiking trails and running paths. On a day off, I love enjoying a breakfast pastry while reading the Off Duty section of the WSJ.