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Emery Rosansky

VP, Founder Success & GTM

I always joke that being a repeat early-stage startup operator is a masochistic endeavor. It also happens to be the most fun I can imagine having at work! That’s why I’ve spent most of my career building and scaling commercial organizations at early-stage tech companies. I’ve worked across multiple industries solving wildly different challenges, all with the common thread of bringing digital transformation to existing markets and accelerating revenues (i.e. shortening the path from product-market fit to go-to-market fit).

I’ve spent more than half of my startup career in the First Round Capital community, first as VP of Sales of Curalate and next as the VP of Global Revenues and VP of Alliances at Augury. That led to my most recent role as a GTM Expert-in-Residence for First Round, where I supported founders in getting to their first million in revenue. And now I’m thrilled to join the First Round team full-time as the VP of GTM. I’ll be getting to do exactly what I love – supporting founders and founding teams on getting their first customers and achieving their revenue targets.

After 10+ years as an early-stage Revenue leader, I have a keen sense for the challenges that founders and founding teams face in navigating from a great idea (and maybe an MVP) to their first few customers; and then from their first few customers to a repeatable, scalable GTM motion that gets them to T2D3 status. Whether it’s advice on buyer personas, pitch messaging, sales process, comp plans, GTM hires, customer success playbooks, pilot structures or contract negotiations, I’m well equipped to support founders on this journey.

When I’m not working, you can find me eating…always eating. Nothing brings me more joy than having an incredible meal. I’m a huge foodie so ask me for my best recipes and favorite NYC-restaurant recommendations. I’m also really into traveling to peaceful locations, reading fiction in the sun, singing sober karaoke (yes, you read that right) and most importantly, soaking up the city life with my daughter Ruby and my husband Eric.