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Brittany Claudius

Director of Program Operations

My path in life has been vibrant, unconventional, and defined by experimenting with possibility. I’ve served as COO of a media and book publishing company, developed partnerships between universities around the world to facilitate international exchange, and even led marine conservation and other NGO programs on a remote island in Fiji.

Throughout each of these experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to orchestrate communities where ideas, connections, and impact compound. I believe authentic relationships are the cornerstone of a meaningful life, and there are few things more powerful or expansive than shared knowledge.

I also love designing unparalleled experiences and building seamless operations to support them. It’s not just about efficiency and effectiveness for me (though I can obsess over those too); it’s about crafting moments that resonate deeply, maximizing the precious time of each person we serve. Helping people experience what’s most meaningful in their lives is at the heart of everything I do.

That’s why it’s a dream to join First Round’s Ecosystems team as Director of Program Operations, where I get to deepen First Round’s partnerships and create programs that help folks in our community achieve their greatest ambitions, together.

Outside of work, I love learning and discovering new interests. Recently, that’s included salsa dancing and ceramics, though I recently relocated to the Bay Area and am hoping you can find me on a sailboat soon! I also love the simpler things in life. My perfect Saturday involves a morning hike, afternoon hammock with a good book, beautiful sunset, and grilling in the backyard with close friends and family.