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Bonnie Porter

Talent Analyst

People and relationships have been at the center of my career, which naturally led me to an interest in recruiting and people ops. I had the great opportunity to take part in First Round’s Recruiter Track, a first-of-its-kind program for folks looking to make a career switch into tech recruiting. It turned out to be more life-changing than I could have imagined! I’m grateful to be part of the First Round Talent team where I get to facilitate connections between founders and their dream candidates.

In the past, I worked for companies like Buffer, where I got my first introduction to the world of startups. I appreciated the opportunity to wear many different hats and build relationships with customers, community members, and more. Before that, I initially began my career in the nonprofit world and spent many years fundraising for everything from hospitals to animal welfare organizations. My experiences in corporate and foundation relations and prospect research is an unconventional path into tech and VC, but I think it helps me be an even better Talent Analyst. Having worn many hats myself, I understand how critical this flexibility is for early-stage startup hires.

Hiring the early team is one of the most critical items on a founder’s to-do list. In my role as a Talent Analyst at First Round, I help source amazing candidates that fit in seamlessly with up-and-coming startups. I love solving puzzles and am so grateful to have a career making the connection of the perfect fit job for a candidate and an amazing team member for a founder.

Some of my people and connection-making skills come naturally — I am from a family of teachers who showed me the fun of relationship-building and from a young age! Outside of work, I love convincing friends to do karaoke with me, trying new restaurants, and spending time with my family, especially my senior dog Pebbles.