Why he’s the investor technical and product focused founders need in their corner.

  • You can lean on his GTM playbook. From top-down enterprise sales or bottoms-up product led growth strategies, to the tactical weeds of structuring pilots, winning your first 10 customers, and mapping GTM motions to ACV and pricing, he’s spent his career building repeatable playbooks for organizations small and large. Whether it’s prematurely abandoning founder-led sales, or layering on marketing too late, there are many pitfalls founders can fall into — and Meka’s uniquely well-equipped to help them see around these corners. (He’s also got a strong network of sales, growth and customer success leaders to introduce you to.)
  • He’s been in your shoes — recently. In our job description, we noted that we were looking for someone with in-the-trenches experience as a founder or operator at different stages. Meka is fresh off the frontlines and his experiences are incredibly relevant to what founders are facing right now — as he puts it, he owned a quarterly number just one quarter ago.
  • He’s committed to helping you win. With his fast ramp attitude and intense commitment, he’s been an immediate culture add to our team. As part of the interview process, Meka wrote up a few thoughts on his approach that we had to share here: