To build a lasting company, founders (and the folks who join them on the startup journey), need to learn how to do a tremendous range of things: build a fantastic product, raise money, hire great people, figure out pricing and packaging, manage well, develop new employees, run a board meeting, evaluate performance, run all-hands meetings and offsites, assemble a top-notch exec team — the list truly goes on and on. At its core, entrepreneurship is a journey of problem-solving.

At First Round, we’re as much builders as we are investors — our customers are the special founders who partner with us, and we build tailored programs, tools, communities and playbooks for them to lean on as they tackle all of these company-building firsts. We’ve assembled an incredible operating team to support these founders on everything from finding your first customers to your first marketer and everything in between.

And over the years, Whitnie Narcisse has had an outsized impact on how we build for this incredible group of founders. Put simply, Whitnie’s tireless commitment to our community of founders and our team members has made First Round a better institution. We’re thrilled to announce her promotion to Operating Partner.

With this milestone, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back on some of the incredible work that Whitnie has achieved in her time here — and how she’s lived out our values along the way. There is no better person to pull into a brainstorm or a whiteboarding session — to dream up innovative projects that we could try out, and then get into the nitty-gritty tactical details to make those ideas a reality.