Tina Dai

Chief of Staff

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a passion for social impact early on. Back in college, I founded a student social entrepreneurship program on my campus that tackled projects like building a bakery in Kenya to help local residents become more economically independent. Being a part of a team that solved real-world problems to make a difference in the lives of others gave me a sense of purpose that guides my career to this day. I see technology as a way of scaling the kinds of social impact I admire, and I wanted to be able to support founders as they built the companies that would shape the future.

As Chief of Staff to partner Phin Barnes in the San Francisco office, I collaborate with portfolio companies to help shrink the distance between the drawing board and realizing their vision. Growing a company is like traversing a jungle without a map — my job is to be the best guide to our founders as they embark on this journey.

Before I joined First Round, I was a product manager at Intuit and a strategist at McKinsey & Company. I earned my degree from the University of Texas at Austin and am a lifelong Texas Longhorns supporter (Hook ’em Horns!). I value spending time with loved ones and am always on the lookout for my next adventure, whether that’s skiing at Lake Tahoe or scuba diving in Malaysia. And I haven’t forgotten about my social impact roots: I currently serve on the board of Jusoor, a nonprofit investing in educational programs for Syrian youth.