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Tiffany Siu

Senior Talent Analyst

There’s nothing more fulfilling than connecting folks with opportunities and helping them land their dream job — and I feel privileged to have built a career doing just that. I first got the spark for this type of work during my undergrad at the University of California, Davis, where I worked in the student advising department. I mentored countless students as they charted their path to graduation and explored their career options.

I then kicked off my formal career in recruiting and spent time scaling teams at hyper-growth start-ups like Palantir Technologies and Robinhood. Working in the recruiting department at a fast-growing company puts you in the center of the action — seeing the startup evolve through the incredible folks who join and bring fresh ideas.

I continue to draw on my college experience in the student advising department at Davis and have a particular passion for early talent recruiting — the first jobs that we take on and the companies that we join have the opportunity to profoundly shape the direction of our careers. I’ve helped build and manage intern programs, as well as on-campus recruiting initiatives.

Now at First Round, I’m excited to work on all things talent. As a Senior Talent Analyst, I help grow and nurture our network of folks by building relationships with incredibly talented candidates all across tech ecosystem and connecting them with opportunities in the First Round community. I like to think of my role as a puzzle — finding the perfect missing piece in a company’s org and making the match.

Outside of work, you can find me on the hunt for the latest boba shop (my current favorite is Boba Guys) or trying out a new fitness class. My weekends are often booked up as I do wedding and event coordination on the side. I love being a small part in creating lifelong, unforgettable memories and being around the positivity and energy at weddings never gets old.