Ted Owens


I’ve always measured the value of my work through its impact. While software development is necessarily a technical process, I see writing code as a means for putting great products in the hands of the people who need them — not that that stops me from geeking out over SQL joins and RESTful APIs.

As part of First Round’s Platform Team, I get to build — and use — tools that offer powerful insights, like First Round Network. Daily feature releases to Network and the fast-paced development cycle help bring the startup attitude in-house, and I love being a part of that.

Prior to First Round, I worked at Sighten, a startup in the solar industry. I encoded loan models that provided access to financing for homeowners across the country. Serving startups has come naturally after seeing the joys and challenges of a young and lean company firsthand.

Between growing up in Chicago and attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, my personal and professional lives have brought me from coast to coast and everywhere in between. There are many places I’d like to call home, and my love for the Bay Area grows with every Giants game and backpacking trip to Yosemite. When Karl the Fog rolls in, you’ll find me recording guitar in my makeshift living room-turned-studio.