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Sophia Lee


I have a strongly-held belief that words are magic. Whether written or spoken, they have the power to educate. Connect. Help people feel understood. This idea is what led me to pursue a career in communications, where I set out to help companies share their stories in key channels—from Forbes to NPR to The Wall Street Journal.

After working at agencies and in-house at a startup, I decided to go deep on my true passion: writing. For almost four years, I ran a freelancing business, working with startups across all industries to create content that helps them get noticed by potential customers and investors.

Now, I’m thrilled to hone my craft further as a Writer at First Round Capital. In my role, I get to pull invaluable insights from the minds of our partners and community members, find ways to turn abstract ideas into tangible takeaways and piece everything together into impactful content—all with the goal of helping our founders grow companies that will actually change the world.

My life map: I was born in Evanston and spent time in Palo Alto, Gainesville (where I attended the University of Florida), Chicago, San Francisco, and now Minneapolis. If you had to visualize a pie chart of how I spend my time outside of work, it would be 35% reading, 35% obsessing over how cute my dog is, 20% training in jiu-jitsu, and 10% complaining about how hungry I am.