Serena Bian

Community Manager

As First Round’s Community Manager, I spend my days working to create meaningful human connections at every community event we host, each online interaction we enable, and every mentorship relationship we make happen. I’m driven to find innovative online and offline ways to engage and delight our founders by infusing every interaction with warmth and generosity.

Prior to First Round, I worked as an analyst at Trail Mix Ventures, and as a community strategist at Community By Design. I attended the University of Pennsylvania, where, after a lonely freshmen year, resolved to tackle social isolation through building life-giving communities.

Under the guidance of Wharton professor Adam Grant, I immersed myself in organizational behavior research. I’ve hosted over 50 intimate gatherings in Airbnbs with strangers, revitalized a university-wide digital platform for storytelling, facilitated design-thinking workshops for social entrepreneurs and co-taught an interfaith dialogue course for undergraduates. Whatever the mission or venue, I’m passionate about bringing people together to support their change-making initiatives.

I’m a first generation Chinese-American whose parents immigrated from China to Detroit, so my Midwestern upbringing was fused a fascination by ‘otherness’ and how we relate to each other. On weekends, you’ll find me hanging out with older people in coffee shops, exploring San Francisco’s Meetup scene, and hosting dinner potlucks – you’re invited!