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Sarah Hallam


I have an unconventional interpretation of the term people person. Even though I’m never the most outgoing person in a room, I am absolutely fascinated by people. Upon meeting you, I may ask for your favorite breakfast place, what kind of music you listen to, what the name of your pet was growing up (No, I swear I’m not trying to get your bank password.) I want to know the nuts and bolts of what makes you, you.

This people-loving habit of mine has helped me carve a career as a storyteller. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a Writer at First Round Capital, where I get to chat with founders and startup leaders about the things that make them tick. I take these conversations and pull out the most compelling pieces of advice into tactical articles on The Review or new episodes of the In Depth podcast.

Before First Round, I worked as a content manager for a high-growth HR tech company. I’ve interviewed executives at other top startups such as Gem, Public, AngelList and more. Through articles and newsletters, I shared insights with our readers about how to break into a new function at work or how to navigate hiring during The Great Resignation. Outside of tech, you can find some of my writing at publications like CNN and New York Magazine.

As for my own story: I’m originally from Maryland, and am a long-suffering Washington sports fan. I honed my reporting chops at the Missouri School of Journalism, and picked up a degree in Political Science along the way. My guilty pleasures include reality TV, eating Trader Joe’s for every meal and curating Spotify playlists for every feeling I’ve ever had.