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Ryan Donnon

Director of IT

My job is all about getting our team the tools they need so they can support the entrepreneurs in our community. It’s cool to see the impact of what I do day-to-day radiate to hundreds of people.

Part of what makes First Round special is how polished, smooth and high-quality our process is, and having everything work all the time is a key part of that. I take pride in the speed with which I can diagnose and solve problems for folks so they can get back to doing their best work.

As part of my work, I’ve gotten to design and build our database of information about companies from the ground up, and never cease to be impressed by how comprehensive and thorough we are in keeping tabs on all of our companies and community members.

In addition to managing IT, I also run A/V for all of the events First Round hosts, including its flagship CTO and CEO Summits, which have grown tremendously in size and scale over the last several years.

First Round is the first and only place I’ve worked since graduated in 2008 with my B.S. in Political Science from Temple University. Given my love for Philadelphia, I’m an avid fan of all the city’s sports teams — for better or for worse.