Pia Ceres


I believe stories are pathways to empathy. From Nancy Drew mysteries to dauntless works of journalism, words constantly expand my understanding of people. Moreover, they’ve inspired me to challenge the template of what’s possible. So when I became a writer, it was with the hope that my stories would inspire readers to be a little more curious about the world around them, a little more courageous.

As a writer for the First Round Review, I’m honored that my work allows me not only to learn from innovators in their field, but also to make their knowledge accessible to entrepreneurs—established and aspiring. Every day brings the exciting possibility that a Review story might empower a reader to pursue their own audacious ideas.

Prior to First Round, I wrote about gadgets for WIRED. I studied Education and Comparative Literature at Brown. My Rhode Island college town taught me another important lesson: As a native Californian, I don’t care for cold weather. Outside of work, you can find me volunteering with youth, scoping out the spiciest ramen in town, or settled with a book—ideally while lounging in the sunshine.