Olivia Haddad-Salah

Community Manager

As First Round’s Community Manager and Office and Events Coordinator in New York, I manage everything related to the NYC office, as well as the various events hosted in our space. I love my role, especially because it allows me to work with everyone from team members to founders to various vendors and beyond. As a natural people person, I love these interactions and building lasting relationships.

I was born and raised in lower Manhattan and attended George Washington University in Washington, DC. After graduating, I worked in market research at Kantar Media on its global team in London. After moving back to New York, I worked in sales at Yelp just down the block from the First Round office.

I love to travel, explore new places and live abroad. Most recently, I embarked on a three-month, solo backpacking excursion where I traveled extensively throughout Thailand and Malaysia. Although nerve-wracking, I loved going alone because it allowed me to meet incredible people and form enduring relationships just like what I get to do everyday here at First Round.