We've developed a detailed new product-market fit framework for B2B founders

Nate Collins

Chief of Staff

The bulk of my career has been with a venture-backed marketplace business where my mandate was to drive sales and a myriad of go-to-market initiatives. From knocking on doors to bringing new products to market, this is where I got my first taste of the rollercoaster that is synonymous with company building. During this time, I also served as a Board Director to the venture capital arm of Massachusetts — where I saw firsthand what inputs are required to drive an innovation ecosystem. 

My devotion to health and wellness has repeatedly brought me close to founders at the ideation stage because of our shared interest in exploring ways to help folks live healthier lives. At my core, I care deeply about driving value for those who have an unwavering commitment to making an impact. That’s why I’m fired up to be a part of a team that truly prioritizes being in service of founders. At First Round, I rely on my experience working within early-stage startups in my role as Josh Kopelman’s Chief of Staff. I help Josh evaluate new deals, perform diligence on potential investments, and support our community of founders as they navigate some of the same peaks and valleys I’ve experienced in my own career.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me backcountry skiing, surfing, and saying yes to just about anything that gets me moving outdoors with family and friends.