Nashilu Mouen-Makoua


It’s always been about people. Being multi-local, growing up a South Londoner, with family spread across France, Cameroon, and Kenya, and later making another home in the Bay Area, I’ve always been fascinated by the things that draw us closer together than those that separate us. Founders, the people who build tomorrow’s world today, are remarkably similar across oceans and borders.

Joining First Round’s New York investment team, I am incredibly excited to work with phenomenal, gritty and perseverant entrepreneurs as they build out companies that shape the ways in which we live, from this bustling city outwards. Recently, my interests range from personalization and data plays in consumer to tech, to existential questions on the future of work, education decoupling, and 1099 community.

Prior to First Round, I was lucky to dive deeply into the New York startup community while pursuing my MBA at NYU Stern School of Business, as a Partner with Dorm Room Fund, the Co-President of InSITE Fellows, and the President of Stern’s VC Community. Prior to grad school, I spent a number of years flitting around the Bay Area, graduating from UC Berkeley with a BA in English Literature, before working at the intersection of people and opportunity in international development, urban development, and edtech. With an English Major’s obsession for wordsmithing, you can find me in any of these cities scribbling away in a cafe or seated front row at the local poetry slam evening.