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Lauren DeVos

Healthcare Investor

As First Round’s first dedicated Healthcare Investor, I’m over the moon to get to partner with visionary healthcare founders and grow our healthcare ecosystem. My original foray into healthcare came when I discovered the intersection of nutrition, genetics, and longevity. Coming from a family of chefs and restaurateurs, finding my way into nutrition and genomics research was a natural progression of my curiosity around how food affects our livelihood. 

For the last decade, I’ve immersed myself in the health tech industry. I started out in strategy consulting and research at companies like Rock Health and Fletcher Spaght, where I focused on innovation, such as new markets, product strategy, and M&A. I’ve gone deep as an operator and healthcare leader at Solv Health and Noom. When I joined Solv as their first business hire, I was the go-to healthcare expert; I led our initial GTM strategy, built our customer success org from the ground up and launched our telemed offering, which grew to 2M in bookings. Most recently, at Noom, I joined a new Healthcare squad to launch a beta clinical program designed to expand access and improve outcomes for users with chronic conditions.

I love being a bridge between the worlds of technology and health, and I can’t wait to bring my deep healthcare and operating knowledge to the First Round community. As the healthcare investor at First Round, I source and evaluate new investment opportunities in the sector. I’m also involved post-investment to provide industry expertise and guidance to founding teams as they build from 0-1 (and beyond). First Round has invested in incredibly exciting healthcare companies like Flatiron, PatientPing, and Candid Health — I’m thrilled to jump into supporting and growing this corner of the portfolio.

My interests span everything from traditional digital health to biotech. I’m particularly interested in tackling the infrastructure powering our industry, innovative care delivery models, and marketplaces that break down the barriers that plague legacy healthcare. I’ve been cranking on nascent products over the last five years and have a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem — as well as immense empathy for patients navigating incredibly complex, challenging and archaic pathways. Talk to me about revenue cycle management, PC creation and provider ops, and cost estimates for patients.

Beyond nerding out on all things healthcare, I care deeply about increasing diversity in venture, on both sides of the table. As someone who identifies as female and LGBTQ+, I know that the industry still has a long way to go when it comes to writing checks and supporting underrepresented founders. As an investor, I aim to do that directly when given the opportunity and will also strive to offer more support to those traditionally underrepresented. I’m already a member of the Out in Tech community and am excited to offer my time via office hours to help folks from all different backgrounds navigate a system with an incredible amount of historical bias.

I completed my dual MBA/MPH from the University of California Berkeley and studied biology and economics. Outside of work, I’m usually scoping out trails to run in the East Bay or trying to convince someone to ditch Zoom and do a walk and talk with me in the city. I’m an East Coaster by heart, originally from Pittsburgh, but am currently based in the Bay Area with my partner.