Kevin Deggelman

Head of Product & Engineering

I love the execute-and-enjoy philosophy of First Round. From my first day, I was deepening my skills with Ruby on Rails to contribute to code right away. But within my first month, I found myself with the engineering team in Kansas City, polishing off plates of barbecue and talking about what we’d learned at RailsConf. It’s the combination of coding and camaraderie that gets me energized to work here.

Prior to First Round, I worked on web and mobile (Android) development at tenXer and Yahoo!. But I first got bit by the startup bug in college when I interned for a social and mobile sports ┬ácompany called Citizen Sports. Of course I loved the excitement of helping build a company at its earliest stage, but it was my personal passion for sports that made my work all the more fulfilling: I grew up playing everything, from baseball to tennis to water polo. That doer’s perspective also influences my approach as a software engineer. When I learn a new language, I see what I build differently and more deeply.

A native Californian through and through, I was raised in the Bay Area and graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Computer Science. No matter where I live in the Golden State, I find ways to enjoy it, whether that’s hiking in Yosemite or biking up Mt. Tamalpais.