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Julianne Blunt

Executive Assistant

Over the course of my career, I’ve worn multiple hats as an executive assistant, event planner, and even a professional ballerina. I’m consistently inspired by people who don’t shy away from making big changes with a forward-thinking point of view. Now in my role supporting partners Bill Trenchard and Liz Wessel, I’m thrilled to play a piece in helping the First Round community of founders make those waves throughout all sorts of industries.

Prior to First Round, I worked at First Republic’s marketing team, including through the acquisition by JP Morgan Chase & Co. Before that, you could find me onstage performing with the Sarasota Ballet. Though the industries sound incredibly different — whether it’s en pointe or in a more conventional work setting, I gravitate towards an environment that will keep me on my toes. And when it comes to early-stage startups, there’s never a dull moment. 

I am a West Coast convert (though I’ll always be loyal to Maryland blue crabs!) and I spend a lot of my time basking in the San Francisco sun (when it peeks out from the typical fog). Outside of work, you can find me ticking through my list of hikes in the National Parks, or bookmarking intricate recipes I can’t wait to try. I also keep my skills sharp with weekly classes at San Francisco Ballet.