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Josh Kohler

VP of Finance

I’ve always had a knack for numbers and an interest in finance. I also believe that investment firms have a duty to remain properly incentivized to align themselves with investors and social causes. That’s why I was drawn to First Round Capital. Here, we are founder friendly, investor-focused and employee-centric. The companies we invest in can change the world and the returns we generate can help philanthropic and charitable organizations do more.

In my role, I work closely with the partners to value our investments, create fund models and am always excited to do a deep dive on any topic at hand. Outside of work, I write music, grow vegetables on my roof, and can be found on the squash court or soccer field.

Before First Round, I helped manage a fund that invested in private debt by closely monitoring the performance of our investments, optimizing our leverage facilities, and managing the cash flows. I also spent brief periods working for an endowment and a growth-equity firm. I feel energized and motivated when I’m outside of my comfort zone, which might explain why I take occasional breaks from Excel to bungee jump, skydive, and travel.