Josh Kohler

Senior Fund Accountant

People that know me well are always shocked to learn that I work in finance. Writing music, farming and teaching are generally the paths that friends and family have expected me to pursue.

I have worked in finance for four-years now since pursuing a business degree at Drexel. Finance in and of itself may not be my end destination, but it provides valuable utility to me in the form of a grounded, concrete and interesting medium. I’m the guy that enjoys reviewing the investment portfolios of my friends and family to make sure low-cost, index funds are compounding properly. I also find security analysis to be extremely useful because at the end of the day, the best idea won’t survive if it cannot fund itself.

I’ve spent some time abroad in Guatemala, South Africa and Spain and am frequently looking for conversations to brush up on my Spanish. I’m also an avid corporate athlete (i.e. I could never have made a college team but will play any sport in a co-ed or “old man” league).

First Round was an easy choice given the open culture and savvy investment picking and I couldn’t be more excited to contribute to the team.