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Jean Weatherwax

Senior Software Engineer

I feel so lucky to be able to work at First Round. As a full-stack software engineer, I build products that help facilitate knowledge-sharing and growth for our portfolio companies’ employees, our investors, and many other wonderful folks in the startup space. I love coding and solving meaningful problems here for everyone we support at First Round Capital.

I am a self-taught software engineer, having studied and worked previously in circuit design and computer hardware in a variety of industries. I spent my graduate school on a Marshall Scholarship working on improvements for glucose sensor technology and later studying spacecraft design. I spent time working at NASA and doing research on memory technology at Hewlett-Packard before falling in love with software development and making a career change. Since then, I’ve enjoyed working at several small to mid-size startups in industries ranging from supply chain optimization to real estate, while also tinkering with side projects. I also took one year off from traditional software development to teach mobile and web bootcamp courses at General Assembly, enabling others to make the same rewarding career switch that I made.

In my free time, I love air sports, particularly paragliding and speedflying, as well as rock climbing, snowboarding, and generally being outside. I’m also a total nutrition nerd and am a certified nutrition specialist with the ISSA.