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Jackie Ball

Research Lead

I spent the first phase of my career as a management consultant. Some parts of the job were typical — I made many long slide decks and traveled weekly — but I found an unexpected niche helping large organizations across a wide range of sectors better understand their customers: members of health insurance plans, employees who used corporate cards, travelers loyal to specific hospitality groups. I was part of a small, interdisciplinary team of strategists, researchers, and designers at Deloitte called Doblin. As we helped clients launch new products, improve existing offerings, and change their business models, research was the foundation for every recommendation we made.

I find almost everything interesting, so I’m excited to keep learning about new technologies, companies, and sectors here at First Round. It’s a privilege to learn from others, and I love the process of synthesizing everything I hear and read into clear insights which influence the trajectory of a business. My role at First Round stretches across the investment lifecycle. Pre-investment, I support partners in the decision-making process. Post-investment, I help founders and their teams reduce uncertainties they have about their markets, competitors, or customers.

Outside of work you can find me on a run through Brooklyn’s amazing parks, at a pottery class, seeing live music, or escaping the city for a long hike with my dog, Tavy.