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Emily Stanford

Senior Writer

I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to ask the right questions. On the introvert-extrovert scale, I fall smack-dab in the middle. I’ll say yes if you invite me to a party, but I’m much more likely to be in the corner of the room trying to learn one person’s entire life story, rather than in the center of all the action. My degree in Journalism means I love to pose interesting questions that might catch you a bit off guard, but also lead to some exceptional discussions and connections.

So what better role than writing for the First Round Review? I get to sit down with fascinating leaders across all sorts of disciplines and learn what new projects they can’t stop thinking about, what drives their career decisions and what advice they might have for the rest of us. By crafting those insights into articles for First Round Review and episodes for the In Depth podcast, I’m excited by the opportunity to perhaps inspire others to come up with their next big idea.

Prior to First Round, I worked as a content marketer for Salesforce and Google, including leading blogs and social channels, crafting story ideas and interviewing thought leaders regarding industry trends.

I’m a Bay Area native and graduated from San Diego State University, which means I’m a major burrito snob. I pride myself on being a television aficionado — if you need any advice on which buzzy new show to watch or skip, I’m your gal. I adopted my mutt, Peanut, a couple years ago — she came with the name, which was all the more perfect because I’m very allergic to peanuts. I’m a big sports fan (particularly football) and can quickly become engrossed in pretty much any competition, yelling at the TV even if I barely know the rules, the teams or the players!