Courtney Buie Lipkin


I feel extremely lucky that my job allows me to meet and work with an incredible group of entrepreneurs as they build their early ideas into transformative and lasting companies. What I enjoy most about the First Round community is that it’s a vibrant mix of operators, investors and experts driven to solve the some of the most pressing issues out there. We support technologists as they tackle financial literacy, innovate in healthcare and create products that change the way we communicate, travel and learn.

Prior to First Round, I helped build Cardinal Ventures into the premier on-campus startup accelerator at Stanford University. I also spent time managing the community at StartX. Both experiences gave me exposure to over a hundred inspiring student-led companies, and solidified my love of working with early-stage founders. Before going to Stanford for my masters, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in International Relations. Given my skills on the recorder, you may have thought Julliard, too, but thanks to summer camp and supportive parents, I am entirely self-trained.