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Chrissie O’Neill

Senior Accountant

I’m thrilled to join the First Round Team from Upserve, where I was a staff accountant responsible for executing payroll, audits and more. Often, accounting can seem like it’s the same everywhere, which makes the people and culture the most distinguishing aspects of any job. Here, it’s amazing to be on a team where innovation is a core cultural value, and our priority is supporting such a diverse and talented array of entrepreneurs.

Prior to Upserve, I worked all over — including as a customer service representative for science education publisher Thames & Kosmos, and as an office manager at law firm O’Neill & Neylon. Before all that, I graduated with my B.A. in psychology from Boston College.

I love problem-solving. As a kid, I grew up putting together puzzles and tackling brainteasers whenever I had a chance. Today, that same passion has me diving into a range of on-the-job challenges, sifting through piles of data, and emerging with the best solutions. When I’m not crunching numbers for First Round, I can often be found playing board games, collecting records and comic books, and exploring the city of Philadelphia.