Chauncey Hamilton

COO, Dorm Room Fund

As COO of Dorm Room Fund, I work directly with DRF’s investment partners and founders. In this newly created role, I have the opportunity to help forge deeper connections and scale First Round’s support for the DRF community. After working with Rob Hayes for the past five years as his Chief of Staff, I’ve had a ringside seat— and hand — in every point in a startup’s journey, from investment decision to its initial growth and beyond. I’ve leveraged First Round’s resources to support companies and activated the broader community to meet the needs of the founders we partner with, and I am incredibly excited to bring these skillsets to DRF.

I’ve treasured the chance to work with talented, resourceful founders and colleagues — and the opportunity to work with students at the beginning of their careers stands out as the most exciting aspect of my current role. Every week brings more chances to work on something different. One day I’ll working with a DRF investment team to conduct due diligence on an edtech startup; the next I’ll be supporting a product launch for one of DRF’s community companies.

My previous work as a Special Projects Manager at WIRED and as a sales intern at Thrillist has prepared me well for the vast array of projects the COO tackles day in and day out. I thrive when I can get my hands dirty to help our companies with any challenge. It’s a lesson that I first learned as the captain of the Trinity Squash team or running the kitchen at St. Anthony Hall — no matter how big or small the task, anything’s possible with persistence.