Chauncey Hamilton

Partner Operations Manager

I work directly with Rob Hayes, supporting all of his initiatives and investments. On the latter, I split my time between assisting in diligence on potential opportunities and supporting our community companies. I’m fortunate to have a ringside seat — and hand — in a startup’s journey from investment decision to its initial growth and beyond.

To work with talented, resourceful founders and colleagues is one thing — but the breadth of First Round’s community is what stands out as one of the top reasons that I enjoy my job. Every week brings more chances to work on a new challenge. One day I’ll be conducting diligence on an edtech startup; the next I’ll be supporting a product launch for a hardware company.

My previous work as a Special Projects Manager at WIRED and as a sales intern at Thrillist has prepared me well for the vast array of projects the Operations Team tackles day in and day out. I thrive when I can get my hands dirty to help our companies with any challenge. It’s a lesson that I first learned as the captain of the Trinity Squash team or running the kitchen at St. Anthony Hall — no matter how big or small the task, anything’s possible with persistence.