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Britta Kinkeldei

Executive Assistant

If you asked my friends to describe me, they would say I’m always on the move and naturally curious. I grew up in Germany (yes, I’m still fluent in German) and on the east coast, right outside of Philadelphia. I love to travel, exploring different cultures and languages. I’m fascinated by the subtle nuances in habits and traditions you find everywhere.

I got my undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism in Southern California, figuring I would make a career out of my natural curiosity and extroverted personality…but then I quickly realized I was not cut out to get up in the wee hours of the morning to anchor a newscast!

Grad school brought me back to Germany, where I spent a few years working the music scene, first for MTV’s German competitor VIVA and then for a small print magazine. I worked with the editors mostly transcribing and translating interviews and helping with event logistics. I quickly figured out that I thrived on being involved in so many different projects. I had the best summer of my life traveling around Europe working behind the scenes at various music festivals. I even gave a ride to the then-unknown Kings of Leon — there was no GPS back then, so I was terrified I would never find my way back to their hotel in Cologne.

Back in the US, I moved to South Carolina and then the Bay Area working as an Office Manager, then Executive Assistant, and a personal stylist for Stitch Fix, which just reaffirmed my passion to truly help others thrive and connect. And now I am so thrilled to be at First Round supporting Bill Trenchard (and his founders) and I cannot wait to dig in and get to know our amazing community!

Outside of work, you’ll find me at the barre3 studio, hanging out with my kids, or trying out the newest restaurant in town with my husband. And I can always tell you where to get good German food!