Brandon Myint

Founder Services Lead

Before First Round, I was a strategist and operator at AltSchool, and prior to that, a corps member with Teach For America.  In that past life as a Pre-K teacher within the four walls of Room 7, I began each day with a mission to build the most vibrant, audacious classroom community. Nothing warmed my heart more than seeing my students grow up before my eyes—it was a privilege to watch them empower themselves and help each other to problem-solve and make sense of the world around them.

I had no idea what “venture capital” was nor any understanding of what a community within that world might look like. Since then, I’ve learned firsthand that venture is an apprenticeship business. Mine began in 2017 when I had a front row seat working with Phin Barnes as his Chief of Staff to support our community here at First Round. I was able to get a glimpse of the raw courage and ambition required by founders to enact the change they wished to see in the world—and came away from each conversation with a deep appreciation of the privilege and opportunity they’ve given us to support them.

The apprenticeship never stops, of course. My favorite part of my new role as Founder Services Lead is the unbounded opportunity to infuse our work of serving founders with creativity and delight. I believe exceptional service is its own form of art, and I’m always finding inspiration in my teammates, our leadership and our incredibly supportive community.

I graduated from USC with a BS in the Business of Cinematic Arts and LMU with an MA in Educational Policy and Administration. When I’m away from my desk, I’m usually tracking album drops on Apple Music, Lakers trade rumors or new instructional cooking videos on Bon Appétit. My indulgences include flipping through Gestalten coffee table books and wandering through Scandinavian design galleries. As for my favorite teammate I’ve worked alongside, that would have to be Kobe Bryant. He may have been on the court while I watching from the tunnel as a member of the Lakers corporate partnerships team — but that still counts if you ask me.