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Auston Bunsen

Senior Software Engineer

I have been fortunate enough to be a founder, advisor, employee, and angel investor. Not everything I’ve done has succeeded, but I’ve learned a bit at each company along the way. I know all about the struggle associated with early-stage companies. I joined First Round to be one of the software engineering squad members that oversee the First Round Network, First Round Talent, and other First Round software. I am a big fan of #MiamiTech and have been an active member welcoming new faces to the community for over a decade.

Prior to joining First Round, I did everything from starting my own company, CBlocks, to developing a mobile app for the payments company, REPAY, to holding the CTO position at 1Sale.com, an e-commerce company that grew from $90m to $160m+ under my tenure.

Outside of work you can find me tending my balcony garden, exploring the creative chef within me, reading books on VC and angel investing, and working on cryptocurrency and blockchain projects with my friends.

If you’re building a company and think I could help, please get in touch.