Whitnie Narcisse

Advisory Manager

I love connecting great people. As a natural-born extrovert, I get energy from others. So it makes sense that my role at First Round thrives on forging connections. As the manager of expertise, mentorship and advisory programs here, I match seasoned technology experts with people at our companies to help them solve tough challenges, grow in their roles, and build better companies.

Since starting at First Round, I’ve been proud to make over 800 of these connections — that’s more than one a day. Once these engagements start, it’s incredible to see how much value leaders at our startups can get out of one hour spent with a domain expert, and how much time they save not having to research things or track down answers themselves. There’s so much institutional knowledge in tech that never gets tapped into, so it’s inspiring to see it shared from person to person, and how strong relationships form in the process.

Before joining First Round, I worked in talent acquisition at Bloom Energy and Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Barry. But my first job out of school was teaching 8th grade science with Teach for America — which was simultaneously grueling and extraordinarily rewarding. I went to Boston College and have my MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler.

A native of San Francisco, I can navigate neighborhoods to avoid the steep inclines when I bike or drive my manual transmission. You’ll find me in red and gold every Sunday during football season!