Tom Uebel

Software Engineer

I have a front-row seat to some of technology’s best minds exchanging hard-won lessons and tricks of the trade. As a member of First Round’s engineering team, I’ve helped build software that enables knowledge sharing between our companies. I’m always impressed by how members of our community actively connect to pay it forward, despite all the demands on their time. My proudest moment was when a First Round CEO mentioned that a resource shared by our community helped him navigate a critical juncture at his company. It was a detailed playbook that he said he wouldn’t have found via his existing network or an online search.

Of course, it’s what one does with a playbook that counts. As a fan of both startups and poker, I love how a series of small decisions can compound into something much bigger. Thinking of my own path, I decided to dive into entrepreneurship from the start. I studied finance and entrepreneurship at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business and joined edtech startup UniversityNow, where I worked on the core product and led the implementation of its analytics infrastructure. At First Round, I’m fortunate to have a broader platform to help organizations win — now if only that extended to my Cincinnati Reds.