Shaun Young


In the end, we are our stories. Writing and editing for The First Round Review is an opportunity to share the most actionable insights and exceptional examples from an expansive, entrepreneurial community. My favorite aspect of my work is that people trust me with their lessons. They have a choice to guard what they’ve learned or offer those insights to others. If they decide to share, it’s a privilege when they choose the Review to help them do so. Each day, I’m reminded how a one-time generous gesture can continuously change the way people create, build and lead their companies.

The most gratifying part of my work is when Review subjects thank me for helping express what they’ve learned along the way. I find it incredible how much enduring wisdom is sealed within people and feel fortunate to help voice and share their brilliance at scale. One of my early articles featured David Loftesness, Twitter’s former Director of Engineering, and his management framework for freshly minted engineering leaders. It was broadly circulated, topped charts and triggered a book deal, but what was most rewarding was helping him make his hard-earned insights immediately actionable for others.

Prior to First Round, I worked at international nonprofit Endeavor. Over six years, I supported and grew a community of a thousand entrepreneurs across 20 emerging markets, most recently by directing Endeavor’s advisor network and business development initiatives in California. Before that, I worked as a senior editor, producing research reports on technology and management for The Economist Group.

I’m a native northern Californian, but migrated east to study political theory and contemporary poetry at Tufts University and Oxford University. I played collegiate basketball at both schools, and was the point guard on the Oxford team that won the British National Championship. These days it’s more about pull quotes than pull-up jumpers, but I’ve got my sneakers just in case.