Robin Brozosky


As a member of First Round’s Talent Team, I spend my days talking to really brilliant people from the intern level all the way to the C-suite, helping them find jobs they love and people they’ll love to work with. This is a pretty rare opportunity for someone with a recruiting background like mine, especially the chance to help extremely early-stage founders build the initial teams that will carry them on to success.

My proudest moments on the job are when I’m able to make a meaningful connection between people that positively impacts the future of the company. When you work at the seed stage, every decision you help a founder make will have far-reaching ripple effects, which is what makes working here so special.

Before joining First Round, I worked on the recruiting team at Yammer, supporting the product and engineering organizations, all the way through their acquisition by Microsoft. And prior to that, I worked in staffing at Google and at an agency, Insight Global. I feel lucky to have diverse perspectives from working both with clients and in-house. It gives me insight into the various challenges our companies face as they grow and the help they need at different stages.

I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with my BA in Communications and in Psychology, and a minor in Professional Writing with a Technical/Multimedia emphasis. While I was there, I studied abroad in Scotland, and have continued to love traveling ever since. Outside of work, I’m the Team Communications Coordinator and a performing volunteer with the non-profit organization Cheer San Francisco.