Maddie Hall

Product Manager

As a Product Manager at First Round, I work on many parts of the product development process, from getting design feedback on new features to analyzing data trends. Helping define the user experience from beginning to end is an incredibly rare opportunity for a product manager — and one I feel fortunate to have at First Round. My best days happen when I’m able to expand my breadth of skills and engage our founders with new and delightful products.

Prior to First Round, I worked at Zenefits as a product manager on the benefits team. In those years, I became deeply driven to help founders overcome the obstacles they face when growing their companies. Before Zenefits, I learned the ropes of product management at Zillow.

As a native of Seattle and a graduate from Claremont Mckenna College, I’ve found the Bay Area to be the perfect middle ground between the two places I’ve previously called home. In addition to the nooks and crannies of the West Coast’s beautiful coastline, I like to explore the less-traveled corners of the world. If I’m not with passport, you’ll find me reading an autobiography, attending a speaker series or not-so-subtly critiquing Bay Area coffee.