Jenna Sessions

Executive Assistant

I support two of our Partners: Phin Barnes and Bill Trenchard. My work here is motivated by First Round’s purpose-driven approach to venture — holistically supporting entrepreneurs to produce returns for organizations that make the world a better place. It’s deeply inspiring to meet people and see innovative tech every day that take on the world’s critical problems and change the way we all live. I’m profoundly grateful to be a part of it.

Previously, I worked as an Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and Marketer at companies like Leap Motion, Heroku, Heavybit, Crowdsurge, and Old Navy, supporting teams large and small while creating more efficient systems. In the middle of my professional pursuits, I took a year off to explore the world, do yoga (I’m a Bhakti Flow Yoga teacher), and make jewelry under my own shingle, Wild Flight Designs.

Born in Hong Kong, I grew up between Orange County and the Bay Area, and graduated from Brigham Young University with my BFA in Dance. Outside the office, I practice yoga pretty regularly — teaching at art and music festivals — and read, write and sometimes sing poetry. I also contribute freelance articles to festival magazines (including my landmark piece, “I Used to Be a Mormon and Now I’m a Burner”). You can usually find me riding over the Golden Gate Bridge on my trusty motorcycle Stella, and falling into deep talks about philosophy, physics, and the human condition.