Cory Perkins

Partner Operations Manager

In my role as Partner Operations Manager, I work directly with Phin Barnes to support and grow his community companies. I’m proud every time we make an investment—it means we’ve convinced incredibly talented founders to work with us. First Round is known for the effort we put into supporting our community companies, but the energy that goes into the investment decision making process makes me equally gratified to be a member of the team.

Working at First Round can feel like reading a really well annotated history of the future. Everyday is an opportunity to learn about something entirely new, from cutting-edge gene editing technology to growth accounting strategies—all from experts in their respective domains. There’s so much depth of knowledge to consume: I think I’ve become addicted to the “aha moments.”

Before I started in my current role, I was researching, writing and editing at WIRED, where I assisted its Editor in Chief before taking a junior editor position. People are often fast to point out the stark difference between publishing and venture but I’ve found that I often use the same skills. Applying those abilities at First Round means driving to quickly understand a company’s vision and communicate that story to the rest of the team so that we can offer the right support and resources to help founders strengthen their narrative.

Prior to moving to San Francisco for WIRED, I was based on the East Coast. I lived in New York and served as Studio Manager for Condé Nast’s Editorial Development Group. Before that, I earned a BSFS in culture and politics from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

I like to spend my free time running and playing tennis. I credit my forehand for the swing that busted open the piñata that Uber sent to our office to celebrate its 5th anniversary. It was glorious. I can still hear the accompanying mariachi band as I took my victory lap.