Corinne Weidner


At First Round, I get to support some of the most creative and talented minds while doing what I know and love. While most will think of our founders when I say that, I’m not only referring to the companies in which we invest, but also those who have invested in First Round. In fact, my proudest moment was when one of our nonprofit limited partners told us how much its investment in First Round has impacted its mission of saving lives. In that moment, I realized that, no matter the part I play, I’m contributing each day to making the world a better place.

Day to day, I serve on the finance team as the Controller. That means I assist in managing our daily financial activities, including reporting, cash management, compliance, and investor communications. I don’t have a background in technology, but I do know GAAP. That combination allows me to look at numbers for what they are and stay unbiased by any buzz about tech trends. Given my role, I’m able to foresee potential issues that an auditor or regulator might flag. I focus on compliance so the rest of the team can continue helping our companies do great things.

Prior to joining First Round, I was a Senior Manager at KPMG for a decade, responsible for managing multiple audit engagements in the Asset Management and Alternative Investment industry. I’m a Certified Public Accountant and hold a Masters in Accounting and Professional Consultancy and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Villanova University. That allegiance to my alma mater may or may not have helped me win the 2016 March Madness office pool.