Camille Ricketts

Head of Content and Marketing

The common thread of my career has always been storytelling. I’ve done it as a journalist (at The Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat), for organizations (Tesla Motors and Kiva Microfunds), and now, at First Round as sort of a hybrid of everything I’ve done before. While my primary focus is The First Round Review, delivering actionable insights from wise tech experts to a popular audience of founders, aspiring founders, and many more, my role here has grown in new and interesting ways. It’s one of the reasons I love First Round — I have more leeway and support to experiment and fail and strive and build new things here than anywhere in my career.

Marketing a VC firm is an interesting prospect. On one hand, I’m trying to reach brilliant would-be entrepreneurs and encourage them to get in touch. On the other, I’m building a brand that’s expansive and well-known for increasing access to the best startup knowledge for everyone. It’s a challenging mandate, but one that forces me to be both creative and execution-oriented every day. For example, last year, there was a kernel of an idea to run a survey of a huge number of venture-backed founders inside and outside our portfolio to see what they were thinking, feeling and doing. With a small team, we hashed out how to do this and ended up launching the first State of Startups report, which went on to get over 1 million views.

The other part of my job is helping our very early-stage startups find their own voices and figure out how to tell their stories to the world. Using the right language is critical to communicating your value proposition and getting your audience’s attention. I learn new things every time I work with a company to do this, and it’s one of my favorite things.

Before embarking on this circuitous but satisfying career, I graduated with my BA in History from Stanford University, where I also happened to serve as Editor in Chief of The Stanford Daily. When I’m not writing for First Round, I’m writing short stories for fun, going to the movies way more than the average human being, and gallivanting around the Bay Area with friends.