Ashley Pogue

Office Manager

I manage our events and office operations out of our Philadelphia office. Regardless of whether I’m checking the books or running events, I do it with my “Kentucky charm.” That means any griping is met with grit and a grin. One of my proudest moments at First Round was resolving a last-minute change to our LP meeting. We had initially arranged for the gathering to be in New York, but due to flooding and damage from Hurricane Sandy, we needed to relocate the meeting. Casting aside months of preparation, we relocated the entire event to Philadelphia. All of us pitched in to pull off a great meeting and all of our LPs, presenting CEOs and staff got in and out of the city safely.

My professional penchant for bringing people together started as a District Trainer for Fossil Inc.’s Northeast Region where I recruited and trained staff for all area stores. My love of community-building is why one of my favorite aspects of working at First Round is creating a fun, supportive working space for our companies when they are just starting out. Everyday I get to see them grow and build their businesses. I root for them with the same fervor that I cheer on my Kentucky Wildcats!