Abdul Ly

Special Projects

I grew up in Rwanda and Togo before moving to Senegal, where I spent most of my life before moving to the U.S. to go to Harvard. Together, these experiences have left me with a passion for¬†engaging with different people, perspectives and spaces. That’s what nurtures my curiosity. On the Special Projects team here at First Round, I’m fortunate to meet and work with a range of creative entrepreneurs who inspire me in this way.

Before joining First Round, I was at Google, where I advised publishers on growth and business strategy. I have a strong interest in technologies and policies designed to improve lives, and wanted to spend more time around people investing in the future of doing good.

Outside of work, you can find me fumbling through broken Portuguese, scouring the web for flight deals (I’ve lived in 5 countries and love exploring new cultures), and trying to get my hands on the best breakfast sandwiches in San Francisco.