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Make decisions fast, with the help of your close friends. When in doubt, Seesaw

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    Create a Flipbook of Your Top 20 Instagrams With Everlapse Tool

    A new web tool from Everlapse, an app that creates Vine-like flipbooks of photographs, curates your 20 most-favorited Instagram snaps into an shareable and embeddable slideshow. The tool launched Tuesday — just weeks after the Everlapse app debuted. Above, you'll see my Everlapse "Highlights Reel," which showcases my Instagram photos from the Oscars and my stints with Kanye West, Seth Meyers, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Jonas Brothers, Lonely Island, Ian Somerhalder and more.

    July 31, 2013 Mashable

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    Introducing “Everlapse” – An Addictive New Collaborative Flipbook Sharing App

    Video is beautiful but tough. Photos are easy but boring. Everlapse is something new in between. Built by the former CoTweet team, Everlapse launches today so you can compile photos into digital flipbooks, let friends add their own shots, and view the evolving creation as a rapid-fire slideshow. The free iOS app combines the visual communication of Snapchat with the stop-motion of Vine.

    July 11, 2013 TechCrunch

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    Seesaw Decision-Making App Helps Ask Friends for Opinions

    The other day, I had a meeting with a startup founder at my office. We’d gotten a box of fancy chocolates, and I wasn’t sure which one to eat. So I took pictures of each of them and created a little poll to ask the general public to vote. Then, the other night, I was at Bed Bath & Beyond, and I remembered that my husband needed new razors, but I wasn’t sure if he used Mach 3 or Mach 3 Turbo. I took pictures of the two and sent him a quick note to ask, “which one?”

    In both cases, I used the new free iPhone app Seesaw, which launches today. It made it easy to draw up a nicely formatted poll, where other people tapped to vote. For the razors, Seesaw automatically created a Web version of the poll to text to my husband, who didn’t have the app.

    February 7, 2013 All_Things_D

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    Seesaw will help your friends help you make up your mind

    You’re standing in the changing room at REI, looking at a sweater you’re thinking of buying. “Does this make me look dorky?” you wonder. Or is it just hipster-ish enough?


    Enter Seesaw, which will help you “make decisions with the help of the friends that matter most,” according to its cofounder and chief executive, Aaron Gotwalt.

    December 11, 2012 Venture_Beat

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    Seesaw, a new social decision making company from the founders of CoTweet

    Seesaw is a new company from three co-founders of CoTweet, one of the first big Twitter business services. The new company lists Aaron Gotwalt, Jesse Engle and Kyle Sollenberger as its founders. A Techcrunch report by Drew Olanoff noted that, aside from Betaworks, the early round is entirely made up of CoTweet investors. So whatever the team is doing, it looks like investors were happy with the return they got when CoTweet was snagged by ExactTarget in 2010.

    November 13, 2012 ReadWriteWeb

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    CoTweet Founders Reunite, Raise Seed Round For Their New Company “Seesaw”

    An interesting team is getting back together for something new, and it’s worth noting. The founders of CoTweet, a company which was acquired by ExactTarget, is joining forces for a new startup called Seesaw. This time, Aaron Gotwalt is listed as CEO, and Jesse Engle will be heading business development. It’s a swap from the first time around with CoTweet. The pair are joined once again by Kyle Sollenberger.

    November 13, 2012 TechCrunch