It's Here - First Round Capital 2012 Holiday Video - Call Me First Round Style

Author: Josh Kopelman - Partner

As many of you know, this time of the year is one of our favorite at First Round Capital - and not just because it's the holiday season.   But rather because it's time to fire up our camera, polish up our writing skills, dust off our dancing shoes, practicing our singing and prepare for our Holiday Video.

We hope this annual tradition shows that even though startups are a serious business - we don't take ourselves too seriously.  Our holiday video also gives us the chance to get together with the amazing entrepreneurs we work with to sing and danced, celebrate like it’s Friday, and end the year with a bit of Spice.

As our portfolio has gotten bigger, so has our video – and it is a “labor of love” for our entire team.  Phin wrote the lyrics, CeCe scouted locations, secured costumes and handled the choreography (you should have seen how bad we were before she coached us), and Brett continues to amaze us all with his direction and production. 

So without any more delay, we're thrilled to share with you, the First Round Capital Holiday Video 2012 . 

We really hope it puts a smile on your face.

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